A stampede at a stadium in El Salvador left 9 dead

El Salvador’s government officials announced that at least nine people died after a stampede at a soccer stadium in San Salvador, the capital of the country.

According to the BBC, this deadly incident happened during the match between the local team “Alianza” and the team “Foz” from the city of “Santa Ana” at the “Monumental” stadium. Also, this match was stopped after 10 minutes due to this incident.

The police said that seven men and two women were among the dead and all the victims were over 18 years old. This incident also caused a number of injuries.

According to reports, the tragedy occurred when a large number of fans tried to enter the stadium despite the stadium gates being closed.

The two sides were supposed to face each other in the quarter-final stage of the El Salvador Premier League, and according to local media images, the fans of the two teams were trying to overcome the barriers at the entrance of the stadium and reach the stadium.

El Salvador’s Vice President Naib Boquele has said that the police will conduct a “thorough investigation” into what happened. He wrote on his Twitter account: Whoever is guilty, they will not go unpunished.

The media secretary of the President of El Salvador also wrote on his Twitter that rescue forces are present at the site and two injured people who were in serious condition have been transferred to “San Rafael” hospital.

The published images show that the injured go to the grass field in the center of the stadium to be treated.

“Francisco Alabi”, the Minister of Health of El Salvador, also announced in a tweet that the government has deployed ambulances from nearby hospitals to the stadium and sent the injured to different medical centers for treatment.

He also asked the people to evacuate the area carefully so that it would be easier for the medical teams to take care of them.

In a short statement, the Football Federation of El Salvador announced that it was sorry for what happened and expressed its condolences to the families of the victims.


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