The wbc Asia championship belt reached Mehrabi

Sajjad Mehrabi, the former boxer of our country’s national team, succeeded in winning the wbc Asia championship belt in professional competitions as an Iranian.

Sajjad Mehrabi, the former champion of Iran’s national boxing team, who has made the national team proud for many years, has been fighting in professional boxing competitions for several years after the end of his championship career.

Today, Saturday, May 10, 2023, Mehrabi managed to defeat his French opponent in the “Evolution Fight Series” organization at the “Ompini” boxing stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, and as an Iranian, registered the wbc Asia championship belt.

These competitions are held professionally and in 10 three-minute rounds, Mehrabi, weighing 79 kg, managed to knock out his French opponent in the third round and win the championship belt of this organization. This French boxer had recorded eight victories in this organization in his recessions, which is the first defeat of this female boxer in this organization. Mehrabi also has a record of three wins, one draw and one loss in this organization. With this victory, Mehrabi is ranked 117 in the world among 1444 boxers in this organization.

According to Farshad Khatiri’s program manager, Mehrabi is trying to face his American opponent in 90 days to reach the championship belt in the IBF organization, which will be determined by next week.

The list of contestants was as follows:
Amrik Dawaleh and Sajjad Mehrabi WBC Asian Lightweight Championship
Rocky Traore vs. Broward Jones
Juliano Fanton stood in front of them
Osama Ahmiti vs. Netawot Mesamin
Kolanat Avnok vs. Fanny Plompi
Kitikhon Dechapant vs. Adamkhonov Nurmohammed
Chairat Sawansuda vs Farzan Chichek Venom


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