The creation of an artificial moon in Dubai, where you feel like you are walking on the moon

For several decades, Dubai has become a city of modern architectural wonders with innovative and ambitious projects. This time, with a proposed 5 billion dollar project, an artificial moon with amazing capabilities is going to be built in this city to once again move the boundaries of architecture in this city.

Canadian entrepreneur Michael Henderson plans to build a 274-meter replica of the moon on top of a 30-meter building in Dubai.

Mr. Henderson plans to build a hotel with 4,000 rooms and a recreation center capable of hosting 10,000 people inside the spherical building. According to the director of this project, visitors will feel like walking on the moon when they walk in this structure.

At the same time, Dubai plans to carry out such an ambitious project, which faced financial problems in the past years, and some architectural projects of this city have remained unfinished.

Pearl and Palm Jebel Ali are two projects left over from the financial crisis of 2009. Economic problems in the past years caused Dubai to receive $20 billion in financial aid from the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Now, almost 15 years after that financial crisis, Dubai has changed a lot. Rents across Dubai have increased by an average of 26.9% over the previous year, and even supportive policies have not stopped prices from rising. Last year, 86,849 homes were sold in Dubai, breaking the record of 80,831 in 2009.

Inflation and rising interest rates around the world have led to fears of a global recession, and the value of the dollar has a direct impact on the dirham, the currency of the United Arab Emirates.

“Moon” project managers are optimistic about the construction of this structure. The project also includes space for a possible casino, they said, although gambling is illegal in the UAE, a federation of seven sheikhdoms that rule the peninsula hereditary. However, there are many casinos hoping to operate in Dubai.

Wayne Resorts plans to build a $3.9 million resort and casino in Ras Al Khaimah, north of Dubai, to open in 2027. It seems likely that changes will be made in the UAE law.

Christopher Davidson, a Middle East expert who wrote the recent book From Sheiks to Sultanism, says that like other notable and eye-catching wonders, the moon could well fit into the “legitimacy formula of Dubai’s ruling elite”.

“They can be seen as undemocratic elites, but they still believe strongly in science and progress, and that’s ultimately very legitimizing,” Mr Davidson said.

Henderson’s design is a step up from other globe-shaped projects like MSG Sphere, which is slated to open in Las Vegas later this year.

His structure is completely spherical and can be illuminated as a full, half or crescent moon.

The lighting may not be good for potential neighbors – plans to build another MSG Sphere in London were shelved after residents complained about significant light pollution and disruption to the structure.


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