Increasing cooperation between the US and Japan in the chip manufacturing industry

The US and Japan are increasing their cooperation in the field of research and development of advanced chips.

American and Japanese officials announced in an official statement that the two countries will increase their cooperation in the field of research and development of advanced chips and other technologies.

This increase in cooperation, which also includes cooperation in the field of quantum computing and artificial intelligence, takes place while Washington and Tokyo reduce their cooperation with Beijing and plan to improve and build the chip manufacturing industry by interacting with each other. Ensure basic advanced components for economic growth.

In the joint statement of the two countries, it is stated that the two countries agreed to increase cooperation between their research and study centers and to plan cooperation related to technology in the future.

In addition, the two countries have agreed to identify and solve geographical problems of production by considering the supply chain of semi-conductor products and have committed to strengthening this chain by cooperating with emerging countries.

While Japan has announced the launch of a chip manufacturing plant, it has reached an agreement with the Netherlands to coordinate with US export controls in order to limit the sale of some chip tools to China.


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