Massive and successive explosions shook the capital of Sudan

Simultaneously with the continuation of armed conflicts in Sudan, media reports this morning (Tuesday) tell about the occurrence of large and successive explosions in the west of the capital of this country.

According to Al Jazeera, armed conflicts between the army forces and the rapid support militias continue in different areas of Sudan, especially the capital of this country.

In this regard, news sources report the sound of powerful and consecutive explosions in the south of Omdurman, located in the west of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Recently, the Communist Party of Sudan has announced that the rapid support forces of this country have killed 55 people and burned the houses by attacking a village in the north of this country.

According to this party, Sudan’s rapid support forces attacked al-Hami village, located about 35 kilometers away in Al-Abeez city in North Kordofan province, and after the resistance of the people of the village, they set fire to their houses and killed at least 50 people.

Also, according to this party, in addition to these 55 people, some are injured and missing. The Communist Party of Sudan described this attack as genocide and blamed the rapid support forces and the Sudanese army for the killing of civilians.

The Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese army have engaged in violent and deadly clashes since April 15 (April 26), during which more than 1,800 people have lost their lives. Also, according to the reports of the United Nations, more than 1.2 million Sudanese have been displaced inside this country, and more than 500,000 people have fled outside of Sudan.

The Sudanese Red Crescent had also announced that the continuation of conflicts in this country forced the volunteers of the Red Crescent Society of this country to bury 180 dead people without carrying out the identification process. Meanwhile, both sides of the conflicts in Sudan have repeatedly emphasized their support for civilians.


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