Two passenger planes collided at the airport in Japan

The Ministry of Transport of Japan has announced the collision of two passenger planes at Tokyo’s Hinda Airport.

Japan’s “NHK” channel, citing the country’s Ministry of Transportation, reported that two passenger planes collided at the “Hinda” airport in Tokyo.

According to this report, two passenger planes belonging to “Eva Air” and “Thai Airways” airlines crashed around 11:00 this morning (Saturday), near a taxiway (a path in the airport that connects the runway to the ramps, hangars, terminals and other airport facilities) collided with each other.

According to this report, 207 passengers and attendants were on the “Eva Air” plane and 264 others were on the “Thai Airways” flight, and initial reports show that no one was injured or harmed in this incident.

A video clip posted by NHK shows that part of the Thai Airways plane’s wings were separated from the plane’s body after the incident.

According to local media reports, the activity of the airport runway near the stop of two planes has been suspended and only three runways are active.

The authorities of the Japanese airport are investigating the cause of this incident and until the moment of publication of this news, they did not publish details about the cause of this incident.





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