Argentinian teachers protest

Argentine teachers marched to the government headquarters in the center of the capital to protest the violation of the right to strike.

According to the writings of the newspaper Herald Argentina, the trade unions of Argentine teachers marched to the government headquarters in the center of the capital on Tuesday in their current strike, which started six days ago, in protest of the violation of the right to strike.

State workers and health workers also joined these protests and condemned the governor in Buenos Aires, the capital of this country. Governor Gerardo Morales has proposed a constitutional amendment that is expected to be approved on June 20.

Sylvia Wells, general secretary of the provincial teachers’ association, said: “We have come to the streets to demand decent wages, as well as to protest against this constitutional amendment, which is against the right to strike and harms our right to protest. Above all because of the decree we learned through the official government bulletin on Friday that education will henceforth consider severe offenses for any union protest.

85-95% of the union teachers responded positively to the recent protest call. Last Friday, representatives of Argentina’s Ministry of Economy presented a wage proposal to teachers’ unions; A starting salary of 179,000 Argentinian dollars ($380 US at the MEP dollar rate) will be given to teachers in the decision, which is insignificant to the workers, among other bonuses.

“We teachers will not give up our right to protest, because this right to protest is a long-earned achievement and we will defend it,” said Mercedes Sosa, the general secretary of the teachers’ union. The idea that they want to fine each protester eight million pesos is ridiculous. Claiming the need for the absence of social tension cannot be compatible with the criminalization of social protests.

According to an announcement on the press website of the government of Argentine President Jojo, the government is scheduled to summon the state labor unions to begin a new round of wage negotiations on June 13.





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