The plan of the Italian government to prevent the repetition of the incident of Juventus punishment

The controversy of deducting points from the Juventus football team has made the Italian government think of a plan to prevent this from happening again.

One of Calcio’s last season’s ridiculous scenarios was Juventus’ punishment for its financial misconduct case. Juventus was recognized as a violator and deserves to be punished due to unrealistically showing the prices of its players and the salaries paid to them. Therefore, the prosecutor’s office of the Italian Football Federation requested 9 negative points for this team. The Federation added 6 more points to this punishment and punished the old lady by deducting 15 points.

Juve protested his punishment and the National Olympic Committee temporarily canceled this punishment and issued an order to issue a sentence commensurate with the violation that occurred. In this way, the case returned to the federation and this time Bianconeri was punished with a deduction of 10 points. All these events happened from January to May, and caused the conditions of the Serie A table to change several times according to the position of Juventus, and most of the teams were confused about their fate for the quota of European competitions. This incident had a great negative impact on Calcio’s image and its disciplinary system.

For this reason, the Italian government has now started working and has prepared a draft plan to present to the country’s sports judging system, which prevents the repetition of similar scenarios, i.e. deducting points from teams as a punishment for their violations. According to this plan, if points are to be deducted from teams, this penalty should only be applied before or after the start of the season. Also, the Italian government has set specific frameworks for dealing with different teams regarding violations of capital gains, which can prevent the repetition of uncertainties similar to the case of Juventus in the future seasons.


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