A special feature of Google Maps

Google accesses the user’s location with a hidden feature in its images and maps section.

According to Fox News, Google, which intrudes on user privacy in various ways, seems to have a hidden feature inside its photo and map tools that looks like a weather map when accessed, but actually shows what the user is in. places he was present, when he was there and what pictures he recorded in that place.

This suggests that Google is still tracking a user’s every move with location data and more. In contrast, it provides users with some of the most popular map and photo storage tools.

To find out about this, it is enough for the user to go to the Google Photos settings section, then open the Google Photos app, click on the search option at the end, and under the “Places” section, he can see the places that are related to his photos. In this section, you can see that the map shows all the images recorded at certain points.

This shows that Google can track a person’s information through images. Google services and applications often ask the user to grant multiple permissions, such as accessing the device’s camera and image gallery, in order to provide various features.

By granting these permissions, the user allows Google to analyze and process image data, and in this way, the user helps to collect data. Of course, this happens when location accessibility for images is turned on in the settings section. Although there is a way to turn off the feature, it still shows the location of the images that only the user can see.

To remove the location from an image, the user just needs to click on the photo, then tap on the 3 dots on the top right of the photo and find the “approximate location” option under the photo. In the next step, he should click on the pencil icon and select the “Delete location” option. In the same way, a person can add his location to a photo if he wishes.






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