A user tricked the new AI chatbot

A chatbot user tricked chatbot JPT into revealing Windows 10 and 11 activation keys. Of course, these codes are public and are used for testing and evaluation purposes.

According to TechShot, earlier this year, a YouTube user was able to force Chat GPT to generate Windows 95 activation code. Although it was fun, it didn’t cost much because there isn’t much demand for an operating system that was released about 27 years ago.

Experts were of the opinion that GPT Chat cannot generate keys for modern versions of Windows, but this opinion seems to be wrong.

In this regard, a Twitter user named “Sid” tried to do this. Instead of directly asking for the product access key, he asked JPT Chat to act like his deceased grandmother reading Windows keys to put her grandson to sleep. Interestingly, this method was effective and Chat GPT provided the user with a set of Windows keys as well as his condolences! This trick worked for Windows 10 and 11.

According to various reports, chatbots appear to have provided public installation keys for software that may have been removed from the web.

Windows can also be installed with the help of some of these keys, but it seems that they do not allow the user to activate the OS. Such keys are useful for testing or evaluation purposes, but if the user is looking for a permanent solution, this method will not be suitable for him.

Even if the chatbot provides keys that allow the activation of the OS, experts do not recommend using them.

This is while using them has no legal or legal basis, and of course the price of the license to use Windows is not very high. Microsoft sells a Windows 11 Home license directly for $139, but it can be purchased from other sources for less.

There are also legitimate ways to get free or significantly discounted access to Windows.






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