Mehran Asadian defines the legend of entrepreneurs

Mehran Asadian says: “In the past, there was a common myth that entrepreneurs have inherent characteristics and are born with these characteristics; these characteristics include: initiative, creativity, mobility, risk-taking, analytical ability and skill in human relations.

Therefore, the basic premise of the myth was that entrepreneurs are not nurtured through education.
But today, entrepreneurship has emerged as a scientific discipline and the collapse of that old legend has followed.

The scientific field of entrepreneurship, like all other fields, has models, processes, and space that must be acquired.

Entrepreneurship training and formation of an entrepreneurial team are the center of gravity of small business growth process.

To facilitate the growth of small businesses, entrepreneurs must learn from decisions, experiences, mistakes, and networks in which they are members.

Or, as they say, have organizational learning, which is the main pillar of businesses.
The most important feature in entrepreneurship is learning, which is a vital and important factor and guarantees the success of businesses.


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