With the help of laser technology, the data transfer rate increased to several tens of terabits

With the help of laser technology, Swiss scientists managed to increase data transmission between two points by tens of terabytes.

According to the Zurich Institute of Technology, according to the announcement of the Swiss Institute of Technology, the scientists of this institute have been able to send tens of terabits of data from one point to another with the help of laser technology. These scientists hope that in the future this technology will be used to transmit data from satellites or submarines.

In this experiment, information was transferred between the peaks of two mountains in Switzerland with a distance of 53 km. One of the biggest problems in laser communication is interference with atmospheric molecules, but in this experiment, Zurich scientists used a special chip and 100 adjustable mirrors in small dimensions, which made the quality of the signals up to 500 times better, and thus The interference problem is solved.

In addition, the transfer of information at a rate of 1 terabit per second was achieved using only one wavelength, and since this system can use 40 channels with the help of existing technology standards, in this way, the transfer rate reaches 40 terabits. Seconds increase.


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