Severe restrictions on virtual space in France

Following the escalation of chaos and tension in the streets of this country in protest of the killing of a teenager by the police, the Minister of Justice of France asked French parents to restrain their children.

According to News in France, after the street riots in different cities of this country following the killing of a 17-year-old teenager by the French police after disobeying the police order at a checkpoint, French-Italian Minister of Justice Eric DuPont Moretti He asked parents to control their children and prevent them from being on the street.

By issuing a circular a day ago, Moretti reflected the details of the “quick, decisive and systematic” criminal response he wanted to deal with the participants in the recent French street violence to the relevant authorities.

According to the information note that was seen by Luparisin on Friday, one third of the arrested accused in the riots are minors and “unemployed youths from vulnerable neighborhoods”.

The Minister of Justice of France said about these violent protests: “Parents who are not interested in their children and let them roam the streets until late, knowing where their destination is… They face two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros.”

He emphasized: It is not the responsibility of the government to raise and raise children. The government can help parents but cannot replace them.

In the circular that the Minister of Justice of France went to the city of Crete and the court of this city in Voldemorne County in order to monitor its proper implementation, it is pointed out that it is possible to summon parents who are absent when their children are summoned to the court, from the force The police use or directly impose fines on them.

The Minister of Justice of France also noted: We intend to destroy the user accounts of young users of social networks who use these networks to determine the time, place and manner of gambling. The judiciary may ask the operators to hand over the IP addresses.

It is also mentioned in this circular that measures have been taken to prevent people from attending protests and demonstrations, and parents are required to pay fines for the damages caused by their children.

Moretti also called for pressure on social networks, including Snapchat, which is popular among French youth.

The Minister of Justice of France emphasized in this regard: I ask the public prosecutor to seize Snapchat and its similar operators; Operators who incite the youth and enable them to determine and exchange the time and place for rioting.

Murthy also mentioned that the relevant authorities are able to identify the identity of the Internet users who publish the video of the riots in cyberspace and hand them over to the judicial authorities.

These statements, which have taken on the color of threats due to the escalation of tension, were raised while French President Emmanuel Macron has also warned about the responsibility of parents in these protests.

Macron said: I ask parents to be responsible to keep their children at home. Internet platforms and networks have played a major role in recent events. We have observed that social networks such as Snapchat, Tik Tok and other networks have been a platform for the formation and organization of violent gatherings, and they are led to these violent movements in a mimetic way and also caused them to distance themselves from the real world.

Since the beginning of the protests against the killing of a teenager named “Nael”, more than 2,500 cases of fires have been reported in public places and streets in different cities of France.

The French Ministry of Interior announced yesterday that 1311 people were arrested on Friday night and 875 people were arrested the night before. However, French Interior Minister Gérard Darmanian claimed that the violence was less intense on Saturday. Government sources have also claimed that 200 policemen were injured in the protests and 700 banks, restaurants and shops were attacked or looted.


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