Construction of a space station on Earth by China

China is building a ground space station to simulate different conditions in space.

China has built the first space station simulator to perform various experiments on Earth.

It has been said that the main goal of this project is to create a platform for conducting basic scientific research in conditions comparable to those in space on Earth. This simulator also allows scientists to test space equipment such as satellite parts and space suits.

Compared to a space lab, this research center offers a more convenient approach to evaluating diverse technological ideas. On the other hand, simulators make experiments cheaper and safer.

In addition, several chambers have been built to simulate different space conditions such as microgravity conditions, weak magnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, plasma and space dust.

A simulator room mimics the radiation exposure environment. This room is the closest to the real radiation conditions observed in space. This room will enable “research and testing of satellite and spacecraft components”.

On the other hand, one of the magnetic chambers simulates a near-zero magnetic field, allowing various scientific instruments to be tested before actual space travel.

According to reports, one of these simulators mimics lunar surface conditions. This moon simulator can be used to investigate many phenomena on the moon, such as how dust and moon soil are created.

This room helps scientists learn about the effects of lunar soil, known as regolith, on spacecraft, spacesuits and astronauts.

Lin Shiqiang, vice president of the China Crewed Space Agency, said the country hopes to put its first crew on the moon by 2030. A joint man-robot exploratory mission allows humans to stay on the surface of the moon for a short period of time.

He said in May that preparations for the crewed lunar landing phase were progressing and that all mission systems, including those required for the new Long March 10 rocket, spacecraft, lunar surface landers and lunar landing suits were being researched and developed. are development.

Experts predict that this station, simulating space conditions on Earth, will attract scientists from all over the world to conduct advanced scientific research.





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