Disney closes Bluesky Studio!

Disney closes Blue Sky Studios, which was the largest studio on the east coast of the United States. This studio has produced productions such as Asreikhbandan, Rio, Ferdinand, and Pinatas. It was previously purchased by Disney in the purchase of 21st Century Fox.

A Disney official said in an interview on February 9 that “taking into account the economic realities, after calculations and consideration of aspects, we had to make a difficult decision to close the Blue Sky studio.”

According to the news of Deadline website, about 450 employees of this company will be affected by this incident. Disney says it will consider positions for these employees at other studios, though all of Disney’s other studios are located in the western United States.

The most recent film that Bluesky Studio had in the works was Nimona by Patrick Osborne, which was stopped in production. This film was supposed to be released on January 14, 2022, and nearly ten months had passed since its production.

Osborne, who had been officially chosen as director of work, was eventually replaced. He wrote on his Twitter account that “My heart is broken for what happened to Bluesky, this studio has assembled an incredible group of talents. They were working on amazing works.”

Blue Sky’s existence has been in question since Disney took ownership of it. With the takeover of this studio by Disney, managers like Brian Kane left the company, while the managers of Pixar and Disney took over its management. .

Last month, with Disney’s official announcement of a new Ice Age series for the Disney Plus network, there was hope for the continuation of the studio’s activities, but now it is clear that this series will not be produced by Bluesky.

Bluesky was founded in February 1987 by Alison Brown, David Brown, Michael Ferraro, Carl Ludwig, Dr. Eugene Trubetzkoy, and Chris Wedge. The company was shut down by former employees of Maggi/Synthvision, a special effects studio that, like Bluesky, did not use its services in the production of Brave Little Toaster.

Prior to the production of his first animated feature film, Ice Age, which aired in 2002, Bluesky had done a lot of content production, including creating promotional teasers using 3D techniques for Bell Atlantic, Rivoac, Giltham and Brown, Insect Animate. In Joe’s Apartment, special effects for films such as A Simple Wish, Aliens Resurgence, Fight Club, and the Oscar-winning animated short Bonnie.

After Bluesky was able to achieve sales of 383 million dollars with the animation of Ice Age, he focused exclusively on making cinematic animations. In this 17-year period, the studio made 13 animated films, the last of which was Invisible Spies, which aired in December 2019. Other films of this studio include Robots, Saga, Horton Hears a Voice. In addition to the works that were mentioned, none of the animations of this studio could reach the sales that Asreikhbandan brought to this company. This animated series, which had 5 episodes, was able to sell nearly 3.2 billion dollars, however, all the films of this company had enough appeal for people that Fox decided to continue the work of the studio.





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