Akbar Cheriki

Akbar Cheriki, an Iranian actor and hero

Akbar Azadi Far, nicknamed Akbar Cheriki, was born in Kuhdasht, Lorestan province, about Akbar Cheriki’s honors and medals, we can mention his championship in four professional competitions and two sports championships in MMA.
He was able to be among the first 10 powerlifting and the strongest men in Iran for 2 times.
Akbar Cheriki has a history of participating in the 30 selection rounds of the national bodybuilding team with the presence of such greats as Baitullah Abbaspour, Hadi Choopan, Hamid Lakzadi and Babak Vargantan.

He is a two-time Diamond Cup World Bodybuilding Finalist, has 7 wins in the World MMA Organization and only one loss against an Uzbek opponent in his sports career.
After his last game in the Octagon organization, Akbar Cheriki told his fans to be sure that he will come back stronger than before.
Akbar Cheriki has a history of acting in several movies, among these movie projects, we can mention Texas 2, in which he acted alongside Pejman Jamshidi and Sam Derakhshani.

He has also played a role in the series Khob Bad Jalef, Bucharest and the movie Terminal directed by Hani Salmani.





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