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In the pulsating heart of the automotive cosmos, where rubber meets road and adrenaline courses through veins like a melody, a luminary emerges as the maestro of this high-octane symphony. Lecha Khouri, fondly known as “Lee,” is not merely a collector; he’s an architect of dreams, and his stage is Supercar Advocates.

Join us in delving into the tapestry of the GT-R realm, where Lecha Khouri thrives as a storyteller, etching narratives with each gleaming vehicle. Amidst his garage, Nissan Skyline GT-Rs stand like protagonists, with each embodying a chapter written in the language of speed, precision, and unbridled passion. Within this gallery, the NISMO-badged masterpieces function as punctuation marks, adding an exclamatory touch of heritage and prowess.
The R34 GT-Rs, the apex predators of the asphalt jungle, unquestionably command attention, but Khouri’s narrative is anything but stagnant. His story unfolds with a tantalizing promise of more – two R34 R4 GT-Rs are poised to materialize, born from the hallowed crucible of the Omori NISMO factory. These aren’t mere vehicles; they’re tales of craftsmanship and acceleration, a fusion of human ingenuity and the allure of the open road.
As the story deepens, we inquire with Khouri about the extent of his NISMO treasure trove. His reply, “around 12 and still counting,” resounds with the humility of a true enthusiast. His collection transcends being mere metal and machinery; it’s an ode to rarity, a testament to the fervor propelling the pursuit of the extraordinary. Khouri’s collection transcends accumulation; it’s about cherishing, an endeavor that transmutes material possessions into revered symbols.
However, Khouri’s role doesn’t stop at being a collector. He’s a steward of NISMO’s legacy, a guardian of its essence. His collection isn’t a static museum; rather, it’s a living gallery of evolution. With each addition, he contributes a brushstroke to an ever-evolving canvas, a canvas that chronicles a story of man and machine existing in harmonious coalescence.
Amidst the crescendo of exhaust notes and the artistry of aerodynamics, Khouri extends an invitation into a world where the NISMO emblem morphs into more than just a badge; it’s a talisman, a signifier of unwavering commitment to the pursuit of perfection. In a universe where the road stretches limitlessly, where GT-Rs and NISMO aren’t just entities – they’re a way of life – Khouri shines as a guiding star.
He beckons to the dreamers and seekers, welcoming them into the symphony where passion occupies the driver’s seat and speed sets the rhythm. In this realm of unbridled fervor, Khouri’s presence becomes an anthem, a reminder that a GT-R isn’t merely an automobile; it’s an embodiment of aspirations hurtling toward the future.
As engines roar and horizons blur, let Khouri’s narrative serenade you. Amidst the whirlwind of speed and artistry, remember that the road is a canvas, the vehicles are brushes, and the NISMO badge is the ink that inscribes an eternal tale of dedication and velocity. Speaking of velocity, it’s worth noting that prices within this realm are reaching sky-high heights. Notably, certain Nismo-built cars like the 400r, R1, Fsport, among others, are now commanding million-dollar valuations. A Z-tune model in Japan has even been listed for an astounding $10 million USD, showcasing how such astronomical figures can influence the valuation of other models in the GT-R lineage.

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