Terrible statistics for Zuckerberg in the competition with Elon Musk

Meta platform company’s social network “Treads”, known as the “Twitter killer”, has faced a decrease in the number of daily active users and time spent on the application since its launch last weekend.

The new text-based social network “Treads” was a platform that managed to gather 100 million members within five days. However, the statistics of “Sensor Tower” and “Similar Web” companies show that this platform has recently faced a decrease in the growth rate and user interaction.

“Sensor Tower” data shows a significant decrease in user engagement since the launch of “Trades” last week. The number of daily active users of this platform on Tuesday and Wednesday was about 20% less than on Saturday, and the time each user spent on this social network went from 20 minutes to 10 minutes, which was a 50% decrease.

The statistics of the digital data and analysis company “Similar Web” confirm similar trends. According to these statistics, “Trades” has faced a decrease of more than 25% in the number of daily active users between July 7th and Monday in Android phones, but the company has not yet finalized the statistics related to iOS devices. The statistics of “Similar Web” also show that the time of using “Trades” has been almost halved and the time spent by American users on this application has decreased from about 20 minutes on July 6th to more than eight minutes on July 10th. has done.

“Trades” was launched on the 5th of July, due to its connection with Instagram and the possibility of using usernames and transferring followers from this photo sharing social network and positive feedback from advertisers. The Verge technology website reported that within a day, users had sent more than 95 million posts on Trades and received 190 million likes.

However, Trades is in its early days and a sudden surge in memberships is only natural as users explore the new service and its space to assess its suitability.

Adam Moussari, director of Instagram and “Trades” at Meta Platform Company, has clearly said that he does not intend to prioritize news or politics on this new platform, and therefore, “Trades” may not work for some influential users. An alternative to Twitter.

According to the report of CNBC, Jasmine Enberg, the senior analyst of “Insider Intelligence”, indicated: if one out of four Instagram users use “Trades” monthly, it would be enough for Meta to make “Trades” as big as Twitter. be


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