Mancini Was Banned From Going Out In Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Federation put a strange clause in the contract of the former head coach of Italy.

The Saudi Football Federation has officially announced Roberto Mancini, the former head coach of Italy, as the head coach of the country’s national team.

Mancini took charge of the Saudi national team with a 4-year contract and an annual salary of 30 million euros to become the most expensive coach in the history of the green rectangle.

But today the Italian publication “Gazzetta dello Sport” announced the strange condition of the Saudis in Mancini’s contract. According to the clause in Mancini’s contract with the Saudi Federation, if this clause is violated, Mancini’s salary will be cut in half.

This strange clause is such that Mancini and his accompanying staff must be present in Saudi Arabia for 6 consecutive months in case of necessity and will not be allowed to leave this country.

That is, if they leave Saudi Arabia for 6 consecutive months, their salary will be halved, and the Saudi Federation is free to lock Mancini in Saudi Arabia whenever it wants to by activating this clause.


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