Morteza Seddigh: What is it like to be an architect?

Morteza Seddigh says: “Being an architect can be very challenging and competitive. University doesn’t teach you everything you need to know, but it develops your creative talents and opens your mind to new ideas.” When you start working in this field, you will learn about the business and technical aspects of architecture, and you will build useful relationships with contractors, engineers, and clients.

  Architectural practice for most architects is not design per se, but coordination of projects, solving design problems, and overseeing building details. All these sometimes mundane and uninspiring tasks lead to successful design. Over time, you may prefer the design side or the technical side of the job and switch to doing one over the other. The path you take in your career will determine what your typical day will look like. Architectural design focuses on building design, using 3D models, drawing, rendering, etc. Technical design focuses on the construction, documentation and details of a project. There is also the commercial side of architecture, and if you find you prefer that side of the picture, you can branch out and become a project manager.

Architects have a distinct personality. They are usually artistic people, meaning they are creative, intuitive, sensitive and expressive. They are unstructured, original, inconsistent and innovative. Some are also inquisitive, meaning they are thoughtful, introspective, and curious.

Most of the design work is done from an office, but there will also be visits to clients’ offices, meetings with planning and local government offices, and of course site visits. Depending on whether they are independent or employed by a firm, an architect may work from their own office, sometimes from home, or from a number of company offices. This role may involve travel to conferences, meetings or international meetings.”


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