Definition of a good music according Amin Zebarjad

Seyed Mohammad Amin Zebarjad, known as Amin, is a musician, arranger, and film music composer. He started his music career in 2018 and released his first official track in 2020. His main style is instrumental and he has created many works in this genre. Amin Zebarjad works as a singer in two genres of pop and instrumental and plays piano, guitar and violin. Although his main activity is in the field of software engineering, his passion for music has made him pursue it professionally.

Amin Zebarjad says: “What criteria is there to distinguish between good and bad music? In my opinion, it is impossible to answer such questions because the definition of music introduces this art as an imaginary fluid that can be measured in any container. It comes in the same shape as a dish and classifying it is like saying that there is only one dish with a defined size or taste.

Music is an abstract art in which only the soul of the creator is connected to the soul of the creator of music during its creation, and if there are audit filters and do’s and don’ts of other people, that music becomes dry and soulless, just like Some of the music coming out today.

Without paying attention to the full understanding of the meaning of music genres and accepting the fact that there are countless tastes in every dynamic society, and respecting those tastes is a sign of intellectual and social development, the title of “bad music” cannot be given to any kind of music. Therefore, by accepting this fact that any work of art can be criticized, it should be accepted.

The next topic is “hearing music well”. After choosing the music, it is important to listen to it properly. even if the listener loves a piece of music, but with jamming; Snoring and bad hearing quality are driven from it. Not only all the efforts of the composer and musicians are lost, but also the ears of the so-called “artists” are “spoiled”. We have all read or heard about noise pollution. Noise pollution is not only the sound of car horns and sirens. Listening to low quality music is also a form of noise pollution.






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