The reason for Real’s withdrawal from Mbappe

The Madrid media revealed the reason behind Real’s withdrawal from Mbappe.

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” revealed in a report that Real Madrid did not take any official action to recruit Kylian Mbappe, the French star of Paris this summer, and the main reason for this action.

The Madrid club was waiting for Mbappe to announce that he wants to leave Paris and come to Real, but the French star did not do so, so Real withdrew.

Real Madrid was ready to convince the Paris club to sell Mbappe by presenting a satisfactory offer, but the French player remained silent and did not announce that he wanted to go to Real.

Mbappé wants to join Real in a better situation, that’s why he kept silent to stay in Paris for one more season so that he can join Kaheshkanis next year in a better situation.






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