Hawaii’s volcano erupted again for the third time this year

Hawaii’s most active volcano has reportedly erupted for the third time this year.

The United States Geological Survey announced once again that the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has begun to erupt and its flow is currently limited to the crater.

According to Reuters reports, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency wrote on the X social network (former Twitter) that the eruption of this volcano is currently limited to the summit and there is no threat to citizens in terms of lava ejection, but volcanic particles and gases may cause Breathing problems.

Kilauea is the youngest and most active volcano in Hawaii, having erupted several times since 2020. This year, this volcano erupted once in June (two months ago) and once in January.

It should be noted that the eruption of this volcano in 2018 is one of the most destructive natural events reported so far in the Hawaiian Islands, which destroyed hundreds of houses and forced the citizens of the surrounding neighborhoods to evacuate their homes.


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