Mehdi Farzi told a short history of the musical developments of the 50s

Mehdi Farzi said: “In the past, around the year 50 AD, it is known as the birth decade of protest music in Iran. This style of protest music, which has its roots in the West and begins in the 50s, at the same time as it entered Iran, relations music production in Iran also undergoes changes. Pierre Bourdieu’s formative structuralism is used in the research methodology, which examines the formation and development of the sub-field of protest music on three levels: the level of relationships within the field, the level of the actors’ habits in the field and the level of the field’s relationship with other fields, especially the field of power. The result of the research in this field can be explained in this way that in the formation and development of the subfield of protest music in Iran in the 50s, the way field of power deals with music and activists It plays a very important role in this field. Also, technological advances in recording processes are one of the hardware factors that are effective in these developments. The basic coordinates of Iranian society as a society of protest music audiences are also in special conditions and the growth of urbanization. , the growth of the educated young population as well as the international political pressures on the government in some cases of human rights that emerged as a result of political suffocation, are all factors that shape the fields of protest music developments in this era.


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