Real’s new head coach

Madrid magazine unveiled the new head coach of Real Madrid.

Carlo Ancelotti, the current head coach of the team, after Real Madrid’s bad defeat in the Madrid derby, there were rumors of Ancelotti’s dismissal. Of course, Real Madrid is committed to Ancelotti until the end of his contract. The Italian coach has already reached an agreement with the Brazilian federation.

Ancelotti is going to go to Brazil at the end of the season to lead the most proud national team in the world.

In this regard, the Spanish publication “Marca” unveiled Ancelotti’s successor on the bench of Real Madrid in the next season. According to the announcement of this Madrid press, the president of Real Madrid has reached an agreement with Xabi Alonso, the head coach of Bayer Leverkusen.

Xabi shone as a player for Real Madrid for many years. He got good results in Leverkusen and was Real Madrid’s choice to replace Ancelotti since last season.






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