According to Aryan Khodakarami, what are the characteristics of a professional graphic portfolio?

Aryan Khodakarami has professional albums and singles and has held concerts in several countries. Since 2018, Aryan started to make a professional album, which he recently shared on the most prestigious platforms in the world, and it met with an unparalleled reception and increased Arian’s fame.

Aryan Khodakarami, who is also a well-known designer, says: “In creating a graphic portfolio sample, attention should be paid to the main elements. Color, font and image are the most important elements of the work. You should be careful that Choose the best color to present your work. Also, using the right font and observing key points in grammar should be on your agenda. Choosing a quality image can have a significant impact on the credibility of your portfolio. You must be careful. Use the best elements to present your work.

Another point that must be paid attention to when creating a graphic portfolio sample is the design of a suitable cover. The cover of the work is the first thing that is seen by the audience. You should try to use minimal design for cover design. It is also better to display a combination of your portfolio and abstract images on the cover.

There is no set number of pages for presenting a portfolio. On average, the number of suitable pages for a graphic portfolio sample is about 10 pages. You need to start and end your work attractively. For more attractiveness, you can use your best works in the beginning and end pages of the work. Intermediate pages can also form your relatively good or average portfolio.

Finally, you should be careful to use your best designs to create a graphic portfolio sample. Avoid exaggeration. Try to present all the work to the audience with two different types of fonts.

ROBIN MASTROMARINO’s site is one of the strongest dedicated sites for presenting portfolios. This professional French designer works in the field of UI. ACTIVE THEORY can be mentioned among other strong sites in presenting portfolio work.


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