Helicopter crash on the coast of Greece

According to Anatolian news articles and according to the announcement of the “ART” TV channel, a civilian training helicopter with two passengers crashed in the waters off the coast of the Greek island of “Evia”.

According to this media, according to eyewitnesses, the said helicopter was making “unusual” flight movements before the crash.

A search and rescue operation has been started to find the missing passengers of this helicopter.

According to Xinhua, the Agusta A109 helicopter took off from its headquarters towards the city of Volos; But the weather forced it to make a short landing in Mantodi village in the northern part of Oia Island. This crash occurred after the helicopter left Mentodi.

It should be noted that a rather uneasy atmosphere has prevailed in the said island since the previous day, and this issue has intensified the acceleration of rescue and relief operations.





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