Introducing acting techniques and styles with Shahameh Dizaei

The cinema and television industry is looking for actors who perform their roles in the best possible way and provide a correct reflection of emotions, personality and atmosphere. Shahameh Dizaei is the wife of Ali Dizaei, the former head of the London police and an Iranian lawyer. Mrs. Dizaei is known as an actress and a well-known figure in the virtual world.

She says: “Stanislavsky’s method is one of the most famous acting methods in the cinema and television industry. In this method, the actor focuses on the environment and the character he is playing, instead of focusing on himself, he shows his emotions and character for Perform better. The Stanislavski method is suitable for actors who want to play complex and multiple characters. This method is suitable for portraying very broad and broad characters and emotions. The purpose of this method is to improve the performance of actors in the ability to present complex and realistic characters. to show

The studio method is another popular method of acting in the cinema and television industry. Focusing on concepts such as “personality”, “goal”, “situation” and “relationship with co-players”, this method provides actors with an operational framework for playing. The studio method is suitable for actors who want to portray their characters with depth and complexity. This method is useful for showing complex emotions and relationships between characters. The purpose of this method is to improve the performance of actors in the ability to perform complex and realistic characters.

In the media method, actors should take care to attract the people around them and the audience by fully showing their role and emotions and show their acting skills well. This method can be used well to show real characters and real situations in life. Using this method, actors should try to play their role better and with more depth by focusing on the role and according to the director’s instructions. to execute Also, in this method, cooperation with the production and technical team is very important, and the actor should provide an environment that makes their character appear in a more realistic way by cooperating effectively with the production and technical team. For example, an actor should know how to fully portray his role and emotions, attract people around him and the audience, and show his acting skills well.

The actor studio method is one of the professional and effective methods in film and television acting, which was developed based on the Stanislavsky method and the principles of modern acting. This method was founded in the 1940s by Lee Strasberg, an American actor, director and acting professor. In this acting method, communication with other actors and the production team is also very important. Actors should work in harmony with other actors and the production team according to the needs of the role and the environment and try to show the best performance. Given that Actor Studio’s method is based on group exercises and work in exercises, Actors who use this method help direct each other and improve together. This method provides an opportunity for actors to improve their acting through the opinions and feedback of others. In the actor studio method, actors usually work in rehearsals with a group of other actors and in various roles as actor, director and Observers participate. In this way, actors receive continuous feedback and can focus on their acting and pursue improvement.”


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