How is idea generation to start a business according to Vahid Saleh Beigi?

Many of the facilities we have today seemed impossible to the common people. But people made the idea of the impossible possible and today we can fly, drive at a speed of 160 km/h and even walk on the moon! Ideas are used everywhere; They can be big enough to change the world or run at the level of a single business and solve an important problem. Presenting ideas and choosing the best ideas and implementing them are important skills that managers should be familiar with.

Vahid Saleh Beigi, a popular and well-known Iranian entrepreneur, said: “Ideas usually appear when a person faces a challenge or wants to solve a need. Usually, when there is no problem in a process, it does not attract our attention and we do not think about it. But when the same process does not have the usual result or can work better, our attention is drawn to it and we think about it and we can develop ideas.

Creation: The seed of the solution to the problem is closed at this stage. At this stage, different ideas should be proposed so that the best idea can be selected later.

Selection: At this stage we have to decide which idea can provide us with the best solution to the problem. It is better to first eliminate bad ideas that are unworkable. After this, the list of ideas becomes more limited and we can choose the best idea more easily. Sometimes it seems that several ideas are suitable for a problem, in which case we can choose the best among them or combine them all to create a suitable solution. Read about problem solving skills here.

Implementation: The final stage of idea generation in business is its implementation. At this stage, you should check whether you can implement the desired idea or not. If the answer is yes, you enter the practical work process, and if the answer is no, you have to go to other ideas.

There are different scientific answers to the question of how to generate ideas. But in my opinion, the best answer to this question is not to limit the mind. If you are at the beginning of the path of ideation and creativity, using these methods can help train your mind to present ideas and make a difference in the usual way of thinking. But if you are an idea person, it is better not to create any framework for your mind in this field and let it freely think of any idea.


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