China is one step away from 6G internet

Researchers at the Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics in China have successfully tested an optical switch in space for the first time. This ground test provides space for the use of 6G technology in the Internet.

An optical switch is the passage of optical signals from one place to another without converting them into electrical signals. This process is considered a necessary step in contemporary technology.

The mentioned process is very critical in communication networks and ensures that the information reaches only the intended users. Whether it’s making a call using a cell tower or sending content at high speed over a broadband connection, an optical switch ensures the correct data is transmitted.

Contemporary technologies perform the switch by converting optical signals into electrical signals and returning them to optical signals after passing through the fiber optic network. Xi’an researchers have found a way to bypass this entire process and make the switches using a device that acts like a mirror.

This tool, which researchers refer to as space optical switch technology, was sent into space in August of this year along with a Y7 rocket. This is the first time such a device has been tested on a satellite.

The device passed optical signals from one point to another without the need to convert them into electrical signals. This equipment was brought back to earth and checked. The researchers found that the image information was intact and the data was not lost during transmission.

According to previous research, the device has a switch capacity of 40 gigabits per second, which is far beyond modern technology. However, the researchers of this project have not commented on their achievement, so it is not clear whether the aforementioned capability was the same in space or not.

Developments in technology areas such as supercomputing and 6G mobile communications mean that information transmission systems must be able to move large amounts of data.

The photon-electron-photon switch method will soon become a milestone in communication. Researchers are also trying to use the optical method to transfer high capabilities and costs of switch units.

While customers are working in different parts of the world, communication networks are also changing from terrestrial to 3D networks, and satellite clusters cover hard-to-reach parts of the world.






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