The Group of 7 countries today agree on the development of artificial intelligence

According to Reuters reports, this is while the governments of different countries are trying to reduce the risks and possible misuse of technology.

Amid concerns about security risks, this voluntary directive is considered a turning point in the way industrialized countries oversee artificial intelligence.

The leaders of the Group of 7 countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, England, and the United States, along with the European Union, started the process of determining this directive in May of this year in a forum called the “Hiroshima Artificial Intelligence Process”.

This 11-part guideline aims to promote safe and reliable artificial intelligence around the world, according to a document from the group. This guideline is determined by organizations that are engaged in the development of the most advanced artificial intelligence systems. The purpose of the mentioned action is to achieve the benefits and eliminate the risks and challenges associated with these technologies.

The aforementioned directive requires companies to implement appropriate measures to identify, assess and mitigate risks throughout the artificial intelligence cycle and, in addition, to deal with challenges and patterns of misuse of the technology in the market.

Also, companies should publicly publish reports on the capabilities, limitations, and uses and abuses of artificial intelligence systems and invest in powerful security control systems.

The European Union is considered one of the pioneers in the legalization of emerging technology with the artificial intelligence law. On the other hand, Japan, America and Southeast Asian countries have taken a more liberal approach to technology to increase economic growth.


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